Last Updated 11/2017

Mariha Point’s April
Reg Number: 56730
Date of Birth: 04/01/15
Tattoo Number: MP01C
Mariha Point’s Malisa
Reg Number: 57296
Date of Birth: 08/02/15
Tattoo Number: MP04C
Mariha Point's Samey
Reg Number: 57298
Date of Birth: 09/19/15
Tattoo Number: MP07C
Mariha Point’s Maiden
Reg Number: 57299
Date of Birth: 09/27/15
Tattoo Number: MP08C
Mariha Point’s Salvator
Reg Number: 57300
Date of Birth: 10/05/15
Tattoo Number: MP12C
Mariha Point's Ava
Reg Number: 57302
Date of Birth: 11/01/15
Tattoo Number: MP16C
Mariha Point's Judy
Reg Number: 57303
Date of Birth: 11/05/15
Tattoo Number: MP18C
Mariha Point’s Lil Peach
Reg Number: 57304
Date of Birth: 11/11/15
Tattoo Number: MP20C
Mariha Point's Bunny
Reg Number: 57305
Date of Birth: 11/19/15
Tattoo Number: MP21C
Mariha Point’s Reata
Reg Number: 57306
Date of Birth: 12/05/15
Tattoo Number: MP22C
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Hamburg, IL 62045, USA

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